Advanced Learning

Below are additional resources on current topics as well as general education on various investment types.

Investments - Bonds

Investments - Stocks

Investments - Mutual Funds

How Elections Affect Markets

Cares Act

2020 Why Stocks Are High

Legacy Planning & Charitable Giving

Legacy planning that is intentional and purposeful in protecting your wealth while empowering your loved ones with guidance that will establish your legacy’s foundation to prosper. Essential for those who also wish to have their legacy continue through to their passion for entities such as charitable organizations.

Estate Planning

Considering every individual has an estate, every individual should have an Estate Plan.  From distribution of tangible assets to directives for financial and health care matters, it is imperative for you to make those decisions in advance while you are able to make them.  We carefully work together with our strategic In-House Estate Planning Partners to ensure your wishes and desires will be honored at every stage of life and beyond.

Retirement Planning

On average, individuals spend nearly 40 years working toward the goal of retirement.  The management of that goal is ever-changing and requires constant attention and measurement.   Our retirement strategists actively participate in and monitor every phase, from accumulation to distribution to succession.

Asset Management

Preparing for the expected and unexpected is the groundwork for essential investment management. Strategically planning your investments through allocation, rebalancing, continuous monitoring and review is required for wealth management.

Strategic Tax Coaching

Life’s constants are change and taxes.  Business ownership, real estate transactions, inheritance, wealth management and the necessity of taking care of our families all impact our tax liabilities.  It is vital to be aware and reactive in this arena to ensure your accumulation potential is at an optimum level.

Advanced Planning Strategies

Thinking outside the box. At times in life we may be presented with problems that require additional resources to solve; the solution may lie in advanced levels of products and services. Those of us who own businesses, corporations, and commercial or residential investment real estate assets are often reluctant to sell because of capital gains taxes associated with the sale. What are your options? Is there another way? The Deferred Sales Trust™ may be the answer.

Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance is not always the most fun of topics, it reminds us that we are not invincible. Insurance is a need, not a want, and since you need to have adequate coverage it’s important to work with a solid team of professionals. Education is power and coverage is security.

Education Planning

From children, grandchildren and extended loved ones, the common theme is to provide the financial ability to achieve greatness through education. Time is precious and it is never too early to begin laying the educational tracks for our youth to succeed.

Enhancing and Protecting Life Well-Lived

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